New Central Heating System

Update – 12/06/14

The Central Heating System Project still open for those who want to make donations towards the installation. Money raised is just under £2,000 and much of this was from donations instead of flowers for funerals, although we had small donations made as well.

Donations can be made directly to the church, committee members or via the button below.

Any other fund-raising ideas are welcome

Update – 12/12/13

Work has started this week for the installation of central heating in the main church. The work should be completed in time for the Christmas services.

New Central Heating System

The Community has worked very hard over the years, raising money to support the Church.

We do not get any financial support from any other source. So your generosity is vital to the Continuation of our Church.

Could you please help us to raise some funds to install a new Central Heating System?

Our target is high at £8000.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.