Ongoing Maintenance


1) Repair of two flat roofs £1,370 work complete.

2) Plastering of Ceiling by door and side wall, patching ceiling above stairs to gallery and filling in cracks and holes left by microphones on both windows £250 by Ray Bridger

3) Guttering outside priests room and to the side of side door awaiting estimate

4) Ramps to toilet and rear door with handle bars and raising front door mat and side door mat and supplying and fitting disabled bar for toilet awaiting estimate

5) Decorating and flooring toilets

6) Fitting of 3 lights in church, fix existing sensor light and add three further Sensor lights

7) Pay contribution for prayer bench Bible holder (Psalterion) for materials as George very kindly did the work for free.

8) Repairing floor boards around church which are rotting and unsafe and repairs to door frames.

9) Applying damp proof paint to wall at front of church near the upper gallery and also rear wall of school

10) Having existing microphone fitted to school

11) If Sensible Solutions do not fix exterior wall of priest room and kitchen then we will have to repair wall and redecorate priest back room.

12) Render exterior walls were necessary supply scaffolding and fix guttering which is hanging from roof

Contributions can be made to the Church Committee members, directly to the Church or via the Donation button below.