Saint Anthony the Great – North London

We have received the following invitation from Saint Anthony the Great in North London.

Please email Paraschos Anastassiades at for further information.

Dear Parishioners,

Happy New Year!

You are invited to the festal celebrations of St Anthony the Great.

This year is specially significant for us, as it is the 50th anniversary of the foundation of our Community (1966), and we hope it will mark not only a celebration of the past, but also our firm hope and resolution to move forward and make progress as the only Orthodox Church in the borough of Islington.

We also kindly ask if you can help us here at St Anthony’s by forwarding the attached Invitation to SAINT ANTHONY THE GREAT to our younger generation and also any non speaking Greek Orthodox faithful, for them we have Sat 16TH Jan morning dedicated services all in English  and a complimentary light lunch please refer to attached programme.

On behalf of the clergy all the members of the Community we wish you a very happy Christmas and a New Year of progress in proclaiming the Good News of the ‘God Who Is With Us’.

Kind Regards,

Paraschos Anastassiades

Please email Paraschos Anastassiades at for further information.

The Invitation to SAINT ANTHONY THE GREAT can be found here here

Day Trip to Essex – Update

An email from Sonia…

Departure is at 5.30am from the Church in Cavendish Place.

Departure from the Monastery will be at approximately 1.30pm.

Cost is £25 per person.

Reservations and payment can be made with me (Sonia).

Phone – 07932461573  or email –

Many thanks


Daytrip to our beloved St John The Baptist Monestary in Essex

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Come and join us on Thursday 24 September for a daytrip to our beloved St John The Baptist Monestary in Essex to celebrate with them the Feast Day of Saint Silhouan.

St Silouan was the Elder and Spiritual Inspiration behind the Founder of The Saint John The Baptist Monestary, the late Father Sophrony.

St Silouan The Athonite was born in 1866 in Shovsk a village in Tambov,a Russian State. When he was 26 he went to Mount Athos and became a Monk. He was a true Ascetic and received the Grace of Unceasing Prayer and inner stillness. He acquired great Humility. He Prayed and wept for the whole World and put the highest value on love for enemies. He was barely literate, however, was sought by many pilgrims for his wise Counsel. God counted him worthy to have a vision of Christ.

His writings were edited by his disciple and pupil, Archimindrite Sophrony of Essex who wrote the life of the Saint along with a record of St Silouan’s teachings in the book “SAINT SILOUAN THE ATHONITE”.

Starets Silouan reposed on 24 September 1938 on Mount Athos and was Canonized by Ecumenical Patriarchate Demetrius in 1987.

May we be granted His blessing!


Αγαπητοί αδελφοί.

Την Πέμπτη 24 Σεπτεμβρίου η ενορία μας θα πραγματοποιήσει μονοήμερη προσκυνηματική εκδρομή στην Ιερά Μονή Τιμίου Προδρόμου στο Έσσεξ επειδή εκείνη την ημέρα εορτάζεται η μνήμη του Οσίου Σιλουανού του Αθωνίτη.

Ο Άγιος Σιλουανός υπήρξε ο γέροντας και πνευματικός καθοδηγητής του Αρχιμανδρίτη Σωφρονίου κτήτορος της Μονής του Εσσεξ.

Ο Όσιος Σιλουανός γεννήθηκε το έτος 1866 στο Shovsk της διοικήσεως Ταμπώφ στην Ρωσία. Στην ηλικία των 26 ετών ο Άγιος μας εγκατέλειψε τον κόσμο και εκάρη μοναχός στο Άγιο Όρος. Εκεί καλλιέργησε την εσωτερική ησυχία και έλαβε τη Χάρη της αδιαλείπτου προσευχής. Ο Όσιος Σιλουανός έφθασε σε μεγάλα μέτρα ταπεινώσεως. Προσευχόταν μετά δακρύων για όλο τον κόσμο και δίδασκε ως ύψιστη αρετή την αγάπη προς τον πλησίον και ειδικότερα την αγάπη προς τους εχθρούς. Αν και ήταν ολιγογράμματος πολλοί προσκυνητές αναζητούσαν τους ένθεους και σοφούς του λόγους. Αξιώθηκε να δεί σε όραμα τον Σωτήρα Χριστό

Τα γραπτά του Αγίου Σιλουανού εκδόθηκαν από τον μαθητή του Αρχιμανδρίτη Σωφρόνιο του Έσσεξ, ο οποίος κατέγραψε το βίο αλλά και τη διδασκαλία του Αγίου στο βιβλίο

Coach Trip to London

On Sunday 6th July a trip was organised by Sonia Scoufarides to attend a two churches in London.

17 members of the congregation attended. We all had a fantastic time and the hospitality of both churches was unmatched. The photo shows us all inside the church of St Panteleimon Harrow Middlesex.

Their dedication and fund raising has enabled them to build a brand new Byzantine style church which cost in the region of 5 million pounds and they were truly an inspiration to us all.

They have a congregation of 10.000. And that they built a function room with an upstairs nursery which they rent out which of course gives additional income.

Androulla Anna Savvides

Coach Trip to London